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Comments on The Dictionary of Urbanism

‘A pleasure from beginning to end… I found it perfect for my needs, giving information that I could have spent months tracking down by other routes.’
Urban Design International

‘Unique and amazing… Highly recommended.’
Canadian Journal of Urban Research

‘I have only had this book a couple of weeks, but already I wonder how we ever did without it.’
Architects’ Journal

‘My unalloyed pleasure at this book derives from Cowan’s incredibly broad-church approach to urbanism, and his clear and concise definitions.’

‘An invaluable guide to every aspect of the urban scene, popular as well as professional, iconoclastic as well as legalistic.’
Professor Sir Peter Hall

‘Informed, inspiring and entertaining.’
Dan Cruickshank

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The Dictionary of UrbanismThe Dictionary of Urbanism
First published in 2005, The Dictionary of Urbanism is a comprehensive reference for everyone whose business or passion is cities. Written by Rob Cowan (director of the consultancy Urban Design Skills and one of the best-known writers in the field), it has become a standard reference. The dictionary is illustrated by Lucinda Rogers, whose drawings of urban life have appeared in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and New Yorker.

The Dictionary of Urbanism, hardback £29.95, 490pp, ISBN 978-0-9544330-0-9, is available direct from this website or through bookshops.

Plandemonium: the best of Cowan’s cartoons on planning and urban design
PlandemoniumPublished in 2010, Plandemonium is a collection of Rob Cowan’s cartoons whichappeared in the Royal Town Planning Institute’s weekly Planning for more than 20 years, and in the Institute of Historic Building Conservation’s Context magazine and the Architects’ Journal. Town planners, urban designers, highway engineers, lawyers, architects, historic building conservationists, urban regenerators, landscape designers, surveyors: no group of urban professionals has been spared the well-aimed mockery of Cowan’s cartoons. Rob Cowan is renowned for his humour as a speaker, writer and cartoonist. His urban design publications include design guidance for the English and Scottish governments.

The publication of Plandemonium is sponsored by Francis Taylor Building

Plandemonium, softback £9.95, 150pp, ISBN 978-0-9544330-1-7, is available direct from this website or through bookshops.

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